UGZ translates within a network

Cecilia RiquéOwner and Managing Director
Cecilia Riqué
Owner and Managing Director

As a former translator and interpreter for SBG (now UBS), my father, Paco Riqué, founded UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich in 1987. Nowadays, people would surely be more likely to use a term like Translation Network instead of Translator Group (Übersetzergruppe) because UGZ was tapping into the incomparable strength of a network long before the likes of Facebook or Wikipedia ever existed.

The personal talents of the individual employees are pooled with the UGZ network to create a customer-specific language service. Consequently, you stand to benefit in many ways as someone who employs our services. Our organisation experts in the Project Department are happy to assist you at any time as your personal point of contact; your project manager will place your text with the right people with the required language skills and who will translate the document to a professional standard; the translators we use work exclusively in their native language. That way, we can make sure that your documents are understood in all languages as intended in your original text.

Translating texts using the appropriate style will long remain a varied human skill which a machine cannot replicate. We are passionate about translation and would be delighted to do yours within our network.

Cecilia Riqué Knudsen
Managing Director