We act on our words – our mission statement.

We set high standards, in our work and for ourselves. When it comes to achieving them, a great deal seems obvious, but here we have defined what makes us stand out. Technically and personally.
  • 1. We are always guided by the needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service in terms of our translation work and our revision and proofreading services.
  • 2. Our relationships with our suppliers are partnerships characterised by shared values in terms of quality.
  • 3. We support and encourage each of our staff as individuals and appreciate their commitment to our translation agency.
  • 4. We secure success together by performing to the best of our ability in both internal and external relationships.
  • 5. We take advantage of the constant developments in digital technology to offer up-to-date solutions for our customers.
  • 6. Our corporate culture has a family feel and is therefore personal and flexible. The aim is to find solutions that suit our staff and customers.
  • 7. Language is communication. We encourage high-quality interaction between ourselves and with our customers, in accordance with our communication guidelines.

Three key words. The key to long-lasting success: our quality management system

Our quality management system (QMS for short) is a tool for making our service even better. It is applied to all our processes – from preparing quotations to project management, marketing and sales. It also applies to all sides – customers, staff and suppliers. The resulting measures are designed to boost our customers’ satisfaction and confidence in the UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich. For the long term. Our quality management system is based on the following quality objectives:
  • The Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich provides high-quality translation services for discerning Swiss customers.
  • Ongoing process optimisation and our focus on enhancing the customer experience enable us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Our suppliers are also involved in improving our processes and outcomes.
  • We monitor added value by taking a critical look at all our activities right along the value chain and continuously working to improve them.
The quality management system of the Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich has three components that form a firm foundation for quality:
The senior management of the Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich ensures that
  • quality objectives are periodically reviewed and amended,
  • the focus is on the customer and this is conveyed to everyone working for the Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich,
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly defined,
  • specific process owners and quality managers are appointed,
  • resources are made available to enable quality objectives to be achieved,
  • those objectives are reviewed.
The Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich is forward-looking in how it deploys its resources and staff.
  • Staff: Employees are given initial and ongoing training and are supported in their work.
  • Infrastructure: UGZ provides premises, IT and information systems of the requisite quality.
  • Working environment: The working environment is designed to encourage employees to focus on quality in their work.

The quality management system is analysed and improved as follows:

  • The objectives of the quality management system are reviewed in regular internal audits.
  • Internal metrics enable processes to be evaluated.
  • Mistakes, deficiencies and complaints are systematically documented and assessed for quality purposes.

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