General Terms and Conditions of Business of the
UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe GmbH

Order assignment

All orders delivered to the UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zurich GmbH (referred to below as “UGZ GmbH”) in any form whatsoever, be that in hard copy or electronically, are regarded as confirmed orders and at the same time the customer is regarded as having accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Business (TCB) unconditionally. The agreed date for delivery will be confirmed to the customer in writing. On request, UGZ GmbH is happy to provide a price quotation in advance. The final amount invoiced may vary by up to 15% from the original cost estimate. If orders are placed in the name of third parties and are subsequently not recognised by those third parties, the direct customer has the right to that order and is also liable for it retrospectively.

Our services

UGZ GmbH provides high-quality and faithful written translations. The customer undertakes always to provide UGZ GmbH with all relevant reference documents or other assistance for the translator.


The translation is delivered to the customer by the date agreed in writing, in the required format. If there are difficulties in understanding the text for translation, the delivery deadline may be extended to allow time for additional research. UGZ GmbH endeavours to forward any questions as quickly as possible.


All texts for translation and any associated reference material are the property of the customer. The aids used to process the translation (CAT tools and databases) and their associated licences are the property of UGZ GmbH. At no time does the customer have any claim to them. Any customer-specific terminology work which the customer commissions from UGZ GmbH is available to the customer at any time and will be handed over on request. However, UGZ GmbH reserves the right to use it at any time. UGZ GmbH charges an initial fee and a licence fee for preparing a terminology tool and for unimpeded use of it, which will be charged to the customer on a one-off basis and annually, respectively. The cost of the terminology work is always determined individually before each order begins.


The scale of charges is based on the pricing structure that is explained to the customer. The customer is free to choose the required level of service. The charges are based on the number of lines to be translated, for all languages using Latin characters. One standard line consists of 55 key strokes including spaces. For orders with a disproportionately high volume of text in relation to the required delivery deadline, an urgency supplement of between 50% and 100% will be charged. The customer is always informed about the urgency supplement in writing before work on the order begins. The order will be delivered with no additional costs, unless it is delivered by courier or by express mail.

Terms of payment

Payment of invoices is due net within 30 days of the date of invoice. Only cash payments can be accepted at the UGZ offices. Private individuals are required to pay the estimated cost before work on the order begins. In the case of late payment, UGZ GmbH is entitled to charge interest on arrears at 9% plus the cost of reminders.


Complaints about the service provided by UGZ GmbH will only be considered if they are made within 30 days of delivery of the translation, in the form of a written statement to UGZ GmbH. If the complaint is justified, UGZ GmbH will revise the translation free of charge as soon as possible, or if necessary have the text retranslated. With the exception of the legally mandatory liability for gross negligence or unlawful intent, UGZ GmbH explicitly accepts no liability for any further claims by the customer.


UGZ GmbH undertakes to treat all documents sent to it by the customer as confidential and not to pass on any information to third parties except as required in order to provide the service. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that sensitive material is sent to UGZ GmbH by a secure route. UGZ GmbH accepts no liability for material sent from the customer to UGZ GmbH. If the customer requires delivery by a secure channel, UGZ should be informed in advance, because UGZ is able to provide a secure FTP connection or a secure customer portal.


The customer guarantees that the text for translation is not in breach of any third party’s copyright. If UGZ GmbH is still prosecuted for breach of proprietary rights, the customer shall indemnify UGZ GmbH.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The provisions of Swiss material law apply. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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