Our translations. In your words.

Every sector has its own language. Every company has its own language. To avoid you having to explain it all from scratch each time you work with us or other marketing services providers, we have a system. We create a glossary for every language in which you communicate with your customers, clients or partners. It is a collection of the specialist expressions that you use most frequently, including how they are spelt. We do this in close cooperation with you. We ask you for your specific terminology to include, and we clarify any terms which may be unclear. Where they are available, we comply with the terminology guidelines published by international professional associations.

We also take account of the special linguistic features of your company, your corporate language and your style guide:

These are all questions which – for any company of a certain size – need to be clarified and defined in writing in the form of a style guide or a corporate language glossary. In that way, over time, a regularly updated set of rules is established which will be extremely useful for your employees and service providers as well as for us as translators. So you can be sure that your corporate language is of the same high quality as your products.

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