We always find the right words. Even between ourselves.

Our communication guidelines are invaluable to us when it comes to ensuring satisfaction for our customers and our staff. Our five golden rules for successful collaboration:

We are only as good as the way we communicate with one another. The quality of our communication has an impact on the quality of the work we produce. So we choose our communication channels based on the urgency and importance of the information we want to convey, and we share it in a clear and timely way with the recipient.

We only communicate information that is important and relevant to the recipient. We categorise our messages, give them all a clear title and do not mix subjects.

We solve problems intelligently by first analysing and defining them and involving the people concerned. We do this in an open, constructive and objective way and always in the customer’s best interests.

We take the initiative in dealing with errors openly and objectively and we are non-judgmental. We see mistakes as an opportunity, so we correct them promptly and accept responsibility for them. Honestly and transparently.

When we give feedback, we are careful to be constructive, striking a personal and friendly tone and speaking in the first person. We actively encourage feedback, are open to receiving it and accept different perspectives.

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