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As in any profession, there are lots of things about translation that are worth knowing: in general, and specifically about working with us. Here you will find answers to all the questions that we as a translation agency are always being asked. If you can’t find a satisfactory answer to your question, then of course we are ready to help you in person at any time.

Medicine. Law. Finance, insurance or engineering. Every profession and every sector has its own language which may not be comprehensible even for outsiders in the same country. That’s because of the many specialist terms and concepts that every profession uses. A specialist translation is distinguished by the precision and accuracy with which such texts, with all their subject-specific vocabulary, are reproduced in the target language. It follows that specialist translators need to have the relevant background knowledge, sometimes even qualifications in the occupation in question. After all, they bear a weighty responsibility, because an incorrectly translated technical term can have unforeseeable consequences, especially in the fields of medicine or law.

A good business relationship always begins with a successful approach to the customer, whether that is in your company’s defined “mother tongue” or in any other language. So it is always worth getting a professional translation if you want to be sure of striking the right tone in a business relationship. Our native-speaker translators know how people express themselves in their home country and will be skilful advocates for your company, services and products. The fact is that using another language doubles your circle of potential customers and is one of the most effective marketing measures of all. For good reason:

  • Most companies now look for partners and service providers using online search engines. They still prefer to do this in their own language.
  • Potential customers have the most confidence in a product or service if they can read text, documents, websites and advertisements relating to it in their own mother tongue.
  • If you are trying to expand your market, you will achieve it far faster with a professionally translated website that serves your target markets.
  • Companies in German-speaking Switzerland, in particular, can broaden their customer base by having material in German professionally translated into the country’s two other official languages, French and Italian.

In short, professionals know the value of professionals and, when it comes to the important things, they do not rely on amateurs.

We work only with native speakers who also – and this almost goes without saying – have an impeccable knowledge of the source language. They all know the finer differences between the two languages inside out, so they are able to reproduce not just the facts but also the feelings behind them, accurately and sincerely. We have a permanent staff of proficient specialist translators and are also able to call on an experienced team of freelancers if the task or our workload require it.

Working in different file formats can waste a lot of time, and we would like to spare you that. So we translate your texts directly into the following presentation and desktop publishing programs and send the files back to you ready to print:

  • InDesign
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Visio
  • HTML
  • XML
  • DXF

We should also mention that we work in all kinds of different text formats.

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In a clearly understandable way and, of course, in line with your requirements. The UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich bases its scale of charges on the following four levels of service:

1. Level of service: External communication: print

General translation, specialist translation, proofreading on the 6-eyes principle
We give your translated marketing materials added gloss, expressing the cultural niceties and conveying your industry- and company-specific expertise, all in your own in-house style. For:

  • brochures,
  • annual reports and
  • advertisements.

A final revision and meticulous proofreading add the finishing touches. Sold!

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2. Level of service: External communication: online, copy print, presentation

General translation, specialist translation, proofreading with the 4-eyes principle
Attract attention in the jungle of the Internet – we help you do it. Well-chosen, stylistically creative and convincing texts and translations that will make your products the No 1 choice. For:

  • websites, blogs, SOME, SEO,
  • printed reports and contracts,
  • PowerPoint presentations.

Our specialist translators and proofreaders cast an extra critical eye, sorry, four critical eyes (with the 4-eyes principle) over the translated text, and that’s what does the trick.

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3. Level of service: Internal communication

Translation, proofreading with the 4-eyes principle
A good translation with no frills? Then this level of service is the one for you. Careful, clearly comprehensible translations with the 4-eyes principle. For:

  • Intranet,
  • internal reports and contracts,
  • internal PowerPoint presentations.

The best way to ensure mutual understanding.

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4. Level of service: Translation for information only, for your own use

Translation, proofreading with the 2-eyes principle
You simply want to understand what the text is about. This low-cost solution is ideal simply for information. For:

  • informal documents,
  • letters and
  • emails.

Provides a basis on which you can join in the conversation.

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