They knew how to say it when they were only three years old.
Our translators grew up using the right words.

We are happy to pit our natural feeling for language against artificial intelligence. Because, even though Google Translate & Co. can do a lot, they can’t live immersed in a language. That is why our carefully composed team of native-speaker, specialist translators is of inestimable value to you and your company. Only someone who is really at home in a language can express themselves in it entirely perfectly. This expertise is multiplied in the UGZ Übersetzer Gruppe Zürich network and offers many benefits for you:
  • Any absences are covered by the rest of the team.
  • Short communication paths make it easy for us to consult one another, ensuring that what you say is expressed consistently in different languages.
  • The fact that our translators share their experience guarantees work of the highest quality,
making every translation three times as good.

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